Creating a community of learners

There are many ways to get involved in experiential learning outside of the classroom. MiniCourses is a program offered by the SSMU that offers affordable extra-curricular courses and workshops to the McGill Community.
MiniCourses are held on weeknights and aim to encourage students to develop knowledge and skills that are useful both inside and outside of the classroom. Students will have the opportunity to network, and ultimately explore a variety of topics without the stress of grading or time commitment.
Courses are currently taking place in a virtual learning environment (via Zoom) or at the University Centre. Most courses are between 6-8 weeks in duration (1 class per week), and class sizes are kept small to maximise interaction between you, your classmates and the instructor. Students are able to take part in in-depth discussions and receive personalised guidance and feedback.
Choose from a range of subjects that can help you explore your interests, build a new skill set, delve into a new hobby, or offer continued professional or personal development!

Non-McGill students are welcome!

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